Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Laundry Room Board & Batten

Our laundry room has been an ongoing project for a good two months or longer now. Not sure how the smallest room in the house can take this long to finish. But I guess we are getting closer to completion.

We painted the laundry room a few months ago & then my hubby tiled the floor a few weeks after that. I begged my hubby to start the board & batten treatment & finally he gave in. After purchasing several crappy paint sprayers & finally getting one that wasn't a total P.O.S. (excuse my abbreviated french) we could finally move forward & finish painting all of the boards, etc.

The painting was the biggest ordeal & once that was done everything else seemed to fall into place within a few hours. Here's a photo of the progress. We aren't quite finished. We still need to fill in the nail holes & do some touch up painting. I ordered a ceiling medallion for the chandelier & am trying to pick out some cute photographs that I can frame for above the shelf. I am also going to add some cute little hooks in between the boards & ask my mom or aunt to sew a pretty little window treatment for me. Then everything should be complete. Stay tuned for the final before & after photos. :)

Here's the prints I am leaning towards... So beautiful! Check out Ciao Bella Photography's Etsy store for more gorgeous finds!

Oh & quick question for you all. See how I left the inner part of the window white? Should I paint that the aqua color too? Does it look strange that I didn't paint that part of the room? Thanks for your input!

Last but not least we finished that old bench that we picked up at a garage sale in the beginning of summer. Here's a before & after. I think it turned out pretty good. All I need to do now is add a few pillows & figure out a good location for it in the house! :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Boutique Modeling

Recently on Facebook I found that there is a huge market for boutique modeling. There are tons of these types of businesses on Facebook, in which they are connecting, boutiques, models & photographers. Its a genius idea & I wish that someone would have thought of this sooner. I could have greatly benefited from this a few years back when I had a boutique hair accessories business.

Needless to say I jumped on the bandwagon & signed Miss Brooklyn up to model. In exchange for photographing their product on Brooklyn, we get to keep the item(s) & the boutique gets fantastic photos to use for their store. Its a win, win situation!

Brooklyn is signed up with these three companies.
Little Diamond Models
Boutique Beauties
Sweet Grace Models

They have a very small fee for models to sign up, which I am fine with because this is how the listing companies make their money. In a little over the month that we have been listed between the three companies, we have booked over 10 jobs! Yes, isn't that crazy! But we love getting all these fantastic goodies in the mail! Its so much fun!

And we have to tell you about Izzy Diane's Bowtique! She makes the cutest hair pretties. You have got to check out her store & see all the cuteness.

Here's a little peek at one of her awesome hippie headbands. Isn't it gorgeous?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Red Velvet Brownies... yes please!

I am pretty much obsessed with Pinterest! Have you heard of it? If not I highly suggest you check it out. You may need an invitation to join. If you need one I can send you one! Just message me with your email & I will get an invite over to you ASAP!

I found a recipe for these delectable treats a few weeks ago & I decided to whip up a batch! You can find the recipe on Smells Like Home's blog. I tweaked the recipe just a bit & only added half the amount of food coloring. The color was still a deep red with just half the amount. Any less dye we can put into our bodies the better, right?

(Photo credit: Smells Like Home)

They were seriously yummy & very rich! I think my hubby may have eaten almost all of them. They were that good! Shhhh, don't tell him I told you! ;)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's been a while...

Man oh man, August seems to be the busiest month ever! Miss B started first grade on the 8th of August & the craziness has not seemed to die down since. Can I just say that I was so sad to see my baby go off to first grade? Preschool & kindergarten didn't seem to bother me much, but first grade seems like such a big jump. The past 5+ (almost 6) years has flown by in record time. I am still in disbelief that she is in elementary school...

Here's a few pics of her first day of school!
I've started planning her birthday, which is coming up here on September 8th! We've decided to go with a Rhinestone Cowgirl Rodeo theme. There is this great place I found here in Colorado called Parker Valley Farm. The kids get to ride horses, groom them, tack them & play lots of fun games! Should be a fun time & Brooklyn is super excited!

Well I have lots more to blog about, but will return this week to talk about the rest! ;)