Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Boutique Modeling

Recently on Facebook I found that there is a huge market for boutique modeling. There are tons of these types of businesses on Facebook, in which they are connecting, boutiques, models & photographers. Its a genius idea & I wish that someone would have thought of this sooner. I could have greatly benefited from this a few years back when I had a boutique hair accessories business.

Needless to say I jumped on the bandwagon & signed Miss Brooklyn up to model. In exchange for photographing their product on Brooklyn, we get to keep the item(s) & the boutique gets fantastic photos to use for their store. Its a win, win situation!

Brooklyn is signed up with these three companies.
Little Diamond Models
Boutique Beauties
Sweet Grace Models

They have a very small fee for models to sign up, which I am fine with because this is how the listing companies make their money. In a little over the month that we have been listed between the three companies, we have booked over 10 jobs! Yes, isn't that crazy! But we love getting all these fantastic goodies in the mail! Its so much fun!

And we have to tell you about Izzy Diane's Bowtique! She makes the cutest hair pretties. You have got to check out her store & see all the cuteness.

Here's a little peek at one of her awesome hippie headbands. Isn't it gorgeous?

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