Thursday, May 19, 2011

My first attempt at blogging!

Not sure what happened for a brief moment in time, but Blogger somehow lost my original blog.  So I am having to recreate an entire blog all over again!  What a bummer.  Hopefully nothing wacky happens this time...

I am hoping to get the hang of this whole blogging thing, as I see so many fabulous blogs & it has inspired me to create my very own blog.

For those that don't know me my name is Jessica & I am a stay at home mom to my five year old daughter Brooklyn (sometimes lovingly referred to as B).  Not sure if the title 'Stay at home mom' will actually apply to me anymore, now that she just graduated from kindergarten.  Once she moves into first grade in the fall I suppose that title will change.  Ha!

I am also a freelance graphic designer.  I have my own online storefront, Sweetest Cupcake.  I create websites & other fantastically fun designs for other moms out there who have their own small businesses.  I dabble in photography & just recently took the plunge into studio photography, which I love!

I also consider myself very crafty & will be blogging about my little projects here & there.  Did I mention I am obsessed with cupcakes?

I recently moved to Castle Rock, Colorado from Highlands Ranch.  Literally just moved last weekend.  I am so excited to begin decorating the new place & starting fun home decor projects, in which I will most definitely be blogging about!

That is all for now I suppose... now onto my next blog entry, the one that disappeared along with my blog last week!


  1. I love you blog Jessica it's gorgeous!!! I'm sorry your blog got lost. I lost my blog entries last week too but not my whole blog and had to start over again. Blogger went down which never happens so it was a freak thing. Congratulations on your move! It's always fun decorating and designing a new home! Hugs, Jennifer

  2. Thanks Jennifer! Yeah, it was a bummer that Blogger had problems last week. Thanks for following me! :)