Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vanilla Bean Cupcake Heaven!

As I mentioned in the last blog entry, I made some yummy red velvet cupcakes this past weekend. I had lots of delicious almond buttercream frosting leftover & it was too good to let it go to waste. So I just had to whip up another batch of cupcakes. I found a fabulous recipe over at Sprinkles Bakes. It's called Lucky Vanilla Cupcakes. This was honestly one of the easiest homemade cupcake recipes I have attempted. Quick & easy, just the way I like it. ;) Anyhow these have got to be the yummiest cupcakes I have ever had... & I have had a LOT of cupcakes. They are absolutely heavenly & I recommend you go whip yourself up a batch this very moment! You won't be sorry!!!

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