Friday, June 17, 2011

Sneak Peek!

I have a few projects that are currently in the works.

I got this cute little farmhouse bench at Goodwill last weekend for a whole $10! In the photo it almost looks like a coffee table. I am unsure as to where I am going to put it. I think we may leave it in the garage as a place to store our shoes under. Maybe place some cute little storage baskets on top of it to organize our junk out there?

Karl bought a paint sprayer the other night, so I can't wait to try it out on this bench. I think we've decided on a satin black color. I removed the hardware & painted them a silver color. Hope I can finish the bench up this weekend!

Here's the cute wooden bench I mentioned in a previous blog entry. Found it at a garage sale for $20! I just had to have it! Solid wood & cute overall, just needs a little love! I think we are also going to paint this black as well. Now only if I could just finish sanding those darn spindles.

And last photo for now is of the headboard. We actually purchased a three piece set off Craig's List a few weeks ago. It included this headboard, a gorgeous dresser & matching mirror. Headboard seemed like the easiest piece to start with, so here we are...
The whole 3 piece set will be painted a bright white.

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